The Breakfast Club – #BFC530 – is a 15 minute, 1 question Twitter chat every weekday
We chat in 4 timezones Mon-Fri – 5:30am Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Times.

The mission of BFC is to empower participants to make a difference in education by engaging in consistent reflective practice in a supportive community that inspires and challenges one another.

BFC Values

We welcome you to join us anytime –
Be sure to introduce yourself so we can give you a proper New-to-BFC welcome!

Unfortunately we often attract spam at #BFC530 – especially when we are trending. Here’s a workaround to chat spam-free at BFC! 

#BFC530 Spam Takeback Announcement

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7 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. This is a great question! If you haven’t already, please go ahead & submit it at BFC530.com/chat so we can discuss it one day in the new year!

    1. In the past year we’ve had quite a few chats about tech tools, but I don’t recall one specifically focused on tools for summarizing & retelling nor have we addressed the focus of tools that work across all grade levels. If you’d like to discuss that sometime please pop it into the topic submission form at BFC530.com/chat and when the topic is up for discussion you’ll get contacted.

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My name is Sasha Sharma and I am a content writer at Educents – on online marketplace that is revolutionizing the education e-commerce industry.

    We at Educents have been following BFC530 for a while now and some of our blog posts have found a lot of inspiration from the invigorating chats that take place with that tag.

    We would love to do a blog post that follows along the process of how the questions for the chats are set and what the takeaways are for participants. We’d love to interview you and get a peek into your process, what inspired you to do this, and why you continue to do this.

    I’d love to hear back from you and talk further!

    Thank you,

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